Empower One Family in Kenyan Slums 
during Covid -19

Your Gift Today Will Impact Dozens of People.
This Is How:  

The Formula To Buying Large Multifamily Apartments

For three months, People Bridge partnered with Oasis of Hope Mathare with these results:

April - July 2020 sending $500 weekly ($8,000 total).
This fed 60 families weekly that would gone without food. 

Our Goal Moving Forward:
August - December 2020 to send $300 weekly
80-100 families to receive enough Maize Flower for their family to cook with for the week.

They work together as a community to help one other for the other needs.

On a larger scale in Kenya, they don't have government financial assistance. There are no imports or exports of goods, which is driving up the price of goods and services.  Our help during this time is critical.

Erin And I Know David And Jacinta In Nakuru Who Founded And Run Set Apart Foundation.

They are doing three specific things:

1.Responding to small specific needs of families in urgent need of food.
2. Partnering with pastor livingston in the slums to bridge weekly food supplies for families most in need.
3. Micro loans to individuals they know and trust to be self-sufficient during this time.
We Know Jacob And Maureen. 
Jacob Grew Up In The Mathare Slums Of Nairobi and each week providing enough food for two meals a day for families most in need.

We trust them as they work with their volunteers to serve the youth and the poor as they have for over 15 years in the same areas. 

They know the people and the most urgent needs. They are our friends and heroes!
What Sets This Vision Apart For Us At This Time:
1. We Were In Kenya This Spring And We Met These Families. We Trust The Leaders And Know Where The Money Is Going In Mathare And Nakuru. 95% Of Gifts Sent Will Reach The Need. Only 5% Will Be Used For Administrative Needs. 
2. The Need Right Now Is Urgent!  People Are Scared And Jobs Are Scarce...Especially For The Poor.

Through trusted relationships, People Bridge has a passion to bridge funding to meet the urgent needs of food and small grants to individuals right now.

Please consider helping right now with a gift of $20 that would feed a family for over a week, $100 for a micro-loan to help get a family working, or $2000 that would impact this region like you would not believe!!!

The results so far have been VERY  
- Leaders and Volunteers are showing God's love in tangible ways with those that most need it.
-Families are eating instead of being hungry.
-Crops are being planted and jobs are being created through micro-loans.
Here is a short video of the food distribution that happens weekly through this giving in the Mathare slums.
We have a passion to impact 60 families for two meals a day CONSISTENTLY for three months.
The first month has gone well!
  • It breaks down to each meal for a family of 5 to cost less than $1.50.  That is 30 cents per person, per day!
    That is less than $3 a day for a family.

  • ​The supplies include: Flour, Beans, Oil, Sugar, Salt, and Soap.
$3 for a day gives healthy food for two meals for a family! 
It creates stability, releases anxiety, and brings peace to a home.

Less than $3 shows God's love in a practical way through community leaders that are trusted and God-fearing. Less than $3 a day shows God's love to the most vulnerable right now.

Thank you for considering helping right now with a gift of $80 for a month of food or $240 for the full three months to feed a family of five. 

If you are able to sacrifice a larger amount of $2000 today to serve the poor through People Bridge, I am telling you, the impact will be massive!

The long term goal is to see kids and adults thriving physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thanks for your friendship and for considering sacrificing for those in need now.

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